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flexibility to stay on course

Get the job done right, on time, and as efficiently as possible.

The sea is unpredictable and even the most careful planning requires flexibility to stay on course (literally and figuratively). That’s why you need a dependable marine transportation partner who’s able to provide the guidance and careful management necessary to get the job done right, as efficiently as possible. On time every time.

We serve our clients in the following ways:


Linehaul Cargo Service

Linehaul refers to long-distance transportation between two cities. In the context of marine transportation, linehaul shipping involves long distance transport of oversized or heavy freight. We provide this service across all industries in Alaska utilizing our tug and barge as well as the Unalaq landing craft and inland push boats/barges.

Shallow Draft Vessels

Shallow draft vessels can operate in less than two meters and have the ability to fall dry while loading and unloading cargo. The Bowhead Transport fleet of river push boats, river barges, and the M/V Unalaq are well-equipped to carry out shallow draft operations in all regions of Alaska.

Marine Cargo Transport

Marine cargo transport refers to shipping goods by sea. Given the weight capacity on our vessels, marine cargo transport is the ideal option for industries such as construction, technology, and federal government. Bowhead Construction can carry out this type of marine transportation efficiency and safely.

Live-Aboard Dining

Live-Aboard Lodging

Landing Craft

Push Boat and barge

High Speed Transport

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Live-Aboard Dining

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Live-Aboard Lodging

 marine transportation vessel

Landing Craft

 marine transportation vessel

Push Boat and barge

 marine transportation vessel

High Speed Transport

Remote Project Mobilization and Demobilization

Bowhead Transport provides remote project mobilization and demobilization for our clients, specifically those in the environmental remediation and remote construction industries. Transporting and landing in remote areas requires careful planning and constant surveillance—especially in uncertain waters. Our team has the experience required for landings of this type and is equipped with all the necessary technology to make these operations run smoothly.

Live-Aboard Lodging/Dining

In addition to our cargo transport services, Bowhead Transport vessels are equipped for safe and comfortable live-aboard lodging and dining. The M/V Unalaq has comfortable sleeping accommodations, clean bathrooms, and a commercial galley with full kitchen, on-board chef services, and ample dining space.

Project Support Services

The Bowhead Transport team has over four decades of marine transportation experience. We provide project support services for clients in industries such as federal government, construction, oil and gas, environmental (land and sea remediation), science, and technology. We offer logistics planning, upland cargo transport, excavation, roadway building, and numerous other services depending on the unique client needs.

Inland River Barging

The Bowhead Transport push boats and barges specialize in small water, technically challenging inland river barging. Our vessels were designed to operate on rivers, canals, sounds, bays, and inland lakes. They provide the most effective means of marine transportation, especially for oversized or high-density cargo.

Ocean Lightering

We provide ocean lightering service with our 150’ Landing Craft, “Unalaq.” When clients are moving cargo, equipment, soil, rock, etc. on a time-sensitive schedule, utilizing the Unalaq is an advantage due to our efficiency when running to or from a beach landing to a bigger barge. The simplicity of our landing craft is nimble allowing the Unalaq to operate in sea conditions others may find challenging.


Geo Survey Work

Given our experience in Alaskan waters, our crew capably provides services to geo survey clients. With over 4,000 sq feet of available deck space, accommodations for up to 10 guests, and our 20,000 lb deck crane, we provide an excellent platform for open ocean and near shore geo survey operations helping clients gather critical information for the development of maps and models

Fiber Optic Cable Installation and Repair

We provide fiber optic cable installation and repair services with our specifically-modified vessels. We work closely with clients throughout the entire installation and repair process to ensure accuracy and address any issues that may arise.

Emergency Response

Given our history and experience in Alaskan waters, we provide emergency response services to any and all clients as the need arises This service can include the speedy assessment of a damaged ship, transportation for passengers in an emergency event, or environmental clean up of fuel, oil, or debris. Bowhead Transport is also well suited to assist with the recovery/salvage of vessels.
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Track the Fleet

Follow Bowhead Transport vessels in real-time with our AIS monitoring system via Marine Exchange.