river-based push boat and barge


River-Based PUSH BOATs & BARGEs

Bowhead Tranport’s shallow draft barges, “Ace” (130’ by 35’), “Arvik,” (79’ by 40’), and “Kalskeg” (75’ by 32’) are all capable of transit in rivers and near coastal waterways. These open deck barges have removable 29’ ramps, and carry up to 600 Tons, 176 Tons, and 75 Tons of cargo.   

Our 26’ three-story push boats, “Kautauraq” and “Little Miska,” both have a combined 660 HP and can maneuver extremely well in swift, shallow water with limited space. The push boat and barge come with our masted Caterpillar 966 loader (capable of lifting 20,000 lbs.), fork extensions, and a 900-gallon portable fuel tank that travels with the barge. The combination of these vessels at Bowhead Transport allows us to perform a number of inland and near-coastal services, including hauling gravel, cargo, and equipment.


Barge Name: Arvik

Current Location/Operating Area:  Bethel / Kuskokwim River

Length: 79’

Beam: 40’

Available Deck Space: 2,500 sq feet

Construction Material: Steel

Draft: light – 24” / Full Load (176 Ton– 6’)

Barge Name: Ace

Current Location / Operating Area:  Bethel / Kuskokwim River

Length: 130’

Beam: 35’

Available Deck Space: 4,000 sq feet

Construction Material: Steel

Draft:  Light – 18” / Full Load (600 Ton) – 5.5’

Barge Name: Kalskeg

Current Location / Operating Area: Bethel / Kuskokwim River

Length: 75’

Beam: 32’

Available Deck Space: 2,100 sq feet

Construction Material:  Steel

Draft: Light – 12” / Full Load (75 Ton) – 3’

River Push Boat (Kautauraq & Little Miska) Specifications

Engines: Twin John Deer 330 HP engines

Cruising Speed: 7 knots

Fuel Capacity: 1,000 gallons

Manning: 2 man crew

quote marks, Bowhead Transport testimonial

“As the Vice President of Construction for Ahtna Global, LLC, I am excited to provide the following endorsement to Chris Palle and Bowhead Transport. Ahtna performs work in the most remote environments throughout Alaska. A big part of what we do is in logistically challenging places such as Shemya Island, Biorka Island, Newtok, Napakiak and many locations up and down the Yukon and Kuskokwim rivers. As a company we have relied on Bowhead to get our equipment and freight to all these places. The service that Bowhead provides is safe, on time and professional. The leadership at Bowhead works hand in hand with our teams in trying to figure out the best way to get our projects completed in places that most won’t go and that is why we have been a long term and repeat customer to Chris and his team at Bowhead.”

Ronald DesGranges | Ahtna Global | Vice President of Construction



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