Bowhead Transport line-haul tug and barge


Line Haul Tug and Barge

Originating out of Seattle and Seward, Bowhead Transport’s line-haul tug and barge service carries a variety of cargo including containerized freight, heavy equipment, vehicles, boats, modular camps, and just about anything else you can think of, into or out of mainline ports throughout Western Alaska and the North Slope. Whether you are mobilizing an entire project into a remote area of the Aleutians or simply shipping a vehicle to the North Slope, you can count on Bowhead Transport’s 38 years of experience providing exceptional service to Alaska.

Utilizing our fleet of vessels in conjunction with our line-haul tug and barge, we also provide cargo delivery to numerous outlying regional communities and remote, unimproved landing sites near each of our primary ports.

These outlying regions include:  South East Alaska / South Central Alaska / The Alaska Peninsula / Aleutian Chain / Pribilof Islands / Bristol Bay / Nushagak River / Kuskokwim River / Yukon River / Western Alaska / Norton Sound / Kotzebue Sound / The Artic Region and The North Slope.

Tug and Barge Specifications

Tug Horsepower: 3000

Tug Gross tonnage: 96

Tug Crew: 4

Tug Fuel Oil Capacity: 63,660 gallon

Tug and Barge At Sea Endurance: 21 days


Tug Length: 90’

Tug Beam: 28’

Tug Draft: 14’

Barge Length: 282’ X 76’

Barge Beam:  76’

Barge Available Deck Space:  272’ X 70”

Barge Draft:  Max: 14’4”   Light: 3’


Light draft: 8 knots (approx)

Loaded Barge: 7.5 knots (approx)

Cargo Handling Features:

Barge Freight capacity: 7000 Ton

Deck cargo space: 18,000Sq ft

620 Hyster Forklift: 50,000lb capacity 

(Optional) Manitowoc 4100 Crane On Board Barge For Loading / Offloading

Jump Ramps


Ocean Going Marine Cargo Transportation

Oversize / Heavy Haul Cargo


Official #: 545269

ABS and USCG Certified

Bowhead Transport line-haul tug and barge
tug boat
Bowhead Transport line-haul tug and barge
tug boat and barge


Track the Fleet

Follow Bowhead Transport vessels in real-time with our AIS monitoring system via Marine Exchange.