Bowhead Transport provides experienced coastal transport at a fair cost to our customers.

While each industry and service has different needs, we aim to provide the most complete and efficient transport services possible for all. If you have questions beyond these ones that are frequently asked, our team is here to address them.

Does Bowhead provide schedule and delivery updates?

When you are moving cargo or relying on Bowhead Transport support services of any type, you can expect daily updates providing location, weather sea conditions, and estimated arrival/departure times. These reports are sent out to our clients every day of our operating season. This communication and transparency keep our clients informed. It is a service that Bowhead Transport prides itself on.

How is the Bowhead Transport vessel crew regarding working with clients on-site?

Our vessel crews are not only great seamen but also good communicators who understand occasional changes or challenges encountered with coastal transport. They are understanding and accommodating.

When it comes to live aboard housing, what can I expect?

We pride ourselves on clean, comfortable living accommodations for crew and passengers. When lodging and dining aboard our landing craft, MV Unalaq, you can expect clean, comfortable sleeping arrangements and bathroom/shower facilities in five double occupancy staterooms and four shower/toilet bathrooms (heads). Staterooms are all outfitted with flat-screen TVs. Crew and passengers have plenty of storage space for their belongings as well as desks and inner-ship phone communications. Our commercial galley doubles as a dining space with full kitchen and a recreation space complete with satellite communication, routers, and cellular communication capabilities. Our onboard chef provides three meals daily as well as fresh pastries, desserts, and snacks. The comfort and safety of our live-aboard crew and passengers is one of our utmost priorities.

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