RECEIVING DATES – MAY 16th THROUGH JUNE 15th *Dates are subject to change without notice.  No freight will be accepted in Seattle prior to May 16, 2018 Seattle Cargo Delivery […]

Barging Ahead

Based in Seattle, Bowhead provides marine cargo transportation, barge and lighterage services, vessel leasing and logistics support. The company started operations in 1982, in partnership with Quality Marine Services.

ANC subsidiaries are integrating the latest technologies, most innovative business models, and talented managers to achieve notable success despite a struggling state and national economy.

Bowhead Transport Co. LLC is wholeheartedly embracing the changing business landscape in Alaska by developing new relationships such as its new joint venture with Crowley Marine Services Inc.

Bowhead Transport Company, LLC and Crowley Marine Services, Inc. have announced the formation of a joint venture to provide marine services in Alaska’s arctic.