Background & History

UIC Marine Services (UICMS) is an experienced provider of marine cargo transportation, offering reliable, flexible shipping solutions to governmental agencies, the petroleum and construction industries, and the coastal communities of Alaska.


Our subsidiary, Bowhead Transport Company (BTC), is wholly owned by Ukpeagvik Iñupiat Corporation (UIC), the Alaska Native Village corporation of Barrow, Alaska. BTC has operated vessels in the Arctic since 1982, serving the coastal villages of the North Slope Borough on the Arctic Slope of Alaska.

From Pt. Hope to Barrow, to Kaktovik, we have extensive experience transporting construction materials, heavy equipment, hazardous waste, container loads of annual stores and more.  Every year we transport thousands of tons of cargo to the Arctic, around the Arctic and back to the Lower 48.

Beginning in 2019 UIC Bowhead Transport Company (BTC) teamed up with Alaska Marine Lines (AML), part of the Lynden family of companies. With this new partnership, barge and lighterage service will continue to be provided to/from and between the communities on the North Slope. Pt. Hope, Point Lay, Wainwright, Utgiagvik (Barrow), Deadhorse, Kaktovik. BTC has offered customers door-to-shore service to the Arctic for more than 30 years and is looking forward to partnering with AML to continue excellent service for years to come.

The new stops will be added to Alaska Marine Lines’ ports of call at the major hubs of Naknek, Dillingham, Nome, Bethel and Kotzebue and more than 65 small villages along the coast of Western Alaska.

Bowhead Transport Company, LLC (BTC) is a Marine Common Carrier subsidiary of UIC Marine Services, a subsidiary of Ukpeaġvik Inupiat Corporation (UIC) based in Utqiaġvik (Barrow), Alaska.

BTC will be relocating their offices from Seattle to Anchorage in the near future. For more information or to book a shipment, call 800-426-3113 or e-mail